Hookah Catering also referred to as shisha catering, is a well-known side business for shisha enthusiasts wanting to share their love for hookah with a wider audience. There are a few different business strategies regarding gig booking and payment methods as well as many different options when it comes to machines, hot taste, and customization that customers expect.

Gone are the days when you could come out with a bag full of cheap hookah and a box or two hot ones and set up your booth for the night. If you want to get started and do this well, here are some helpful tips to make sure you start a profitable business and not junk collecting that will take up space in your garage. We will talk about different business models for cooking hookah, tobacco licenses and licensing, and marketing ideas.

What licenses or permits does an individual requires for service? 

Hookah catering, like any usual business, would need you to create a portfolio and acquire valid permits in your area or city. Every city and country is different, so contacting your city or state business or tax office can help you figure out which licenses and permits you will need for your Hookah business.

Since many catering services are located in homes, event centers, or other businesses, we recommend obtaining insurance for your business, this may be a requirement in some cities and provinces. You will also want to be sure which place, business, or club you will be serving in allows for indoor or outdoor smoking depending on the event. Once you have all your permits and business license in order, the exciting part begins.

Hookah Lounge Events

Popularity amongst the world 

While smoking has declined sharply, another form of tobacco use is becoming more popular – hookah smoking – and researchers are concerned that there is a new trend, especially among young adults. An estimated one percent – smoked hookah in 2017, almost double the number seen a few years ago, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is most common between the ages of 18 and 24. And kids smoke: Despite declining U.S. youth consumption in recent years, an estimated 630,000 high school and middle school students smoked hookah in 2017.

Hookah, also known as smoking water pipes, is a unique way to smoke cigarettes. It has ahead (with a cigarette), a body, a room full of water, a pipe, and a mouth. Coal briquettes are used to burn cigarettes. Talking of the popularity of shisha causeway bay in hong kong has several lounges as 70 percent of the population in Hong Kong are smokers (15 years and older) is 10.2% by 2019 equivalent to an estimated 637,900 people.