The lion dance is the inspiration for all the other dances these days where people wear masks that look like animal faces. People in China used to believe that the traditional dancers wore other masks like fish, dragons, and phoenixes. And throughout the centuries, it is the dragon dances that have become very popular among the Chinese.

No matter what state or country you are in, there are now Chinese lion dance services to hire. Chinese lion dance can look different depending on where you are located. The lions in each area look very different from that of other areas.

One of the most popular these days is the LED Lion Dance. They are modernized which is new and much preferred by the younger generations. If you are looking to have a lion dance at your wedding, then here’s why you should consider it.

Symbolism for the Chinese

The lion is the Chinese’s spiritual animal. This is a sign of courage, power, and luck. Many Chinese people believe that the lion dance brings good luck and keeps the bad spirits away. That is why lion dancers are highly sought after for weddings. With a lion dance, you are praying for the positive forces to bless your union and have a successful marriage.

Entertainment Value

The colorful costumes, complex choreography, rhythmic bright LED lights, and drumming sounds make a lion dance more entertaining. This is a lively entertainment at wedding parties that will surely entertain the guests. During the lion dance, it moves quickly to the beat of the drums. The LED lights make it even more captivating. This will create a happy and blessed ambiance for the wedding party.

Lion & Dragon Dance for Weddings – Jow Ga Shaolin Institute

Respect for Culture and Tradition

Having a lion dance at your wedding is a way to honor cultural heritage and traditions. This is the chance to be proud of your cultural identity. A lion dance will also bring different people together as guests of the wedding might come from varying cultures. This creates a memorable experience for everyone.

LED Lion Dances Make Photos and Videos Stand Out

A lion dance is a great time for the guests to take pictures and videos. With the LED lights creating a more dramatic and exciting feel to the traditional dance, this makes it a memorable experience worth sharing. The bright colors of the dancers’ costumes and the lively dance movements will set the mood for the wedding party.

Interactive Entertainment

During a lion dance at a wedding, guests are often invited to join in. They can feed it with red envelopes that contain money for good luck. This adds a fun and interactive entertainment value to the wedding party. It encourages a sense of togetherness among guests which creates a lasting memory of the event.

An LED lion dance adds more than just entertainment to a wedding party. It brings good luck and gives the couple the chance to honor their culture and tradition. An LED  lion dance is one of the most entertaining and awaited parts of a wedding.